Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Portrait

Finally, a family portrait. This has been put off for way to long. We went out a few weeks ago to have our pictures taken. Believe or not we went to my not so favorite portrait studio JCPenney! And would you know we ended up getting the same woman from the first time I was there. If any of you remember my post on that you would totally understand. It was not a good first impression of JCPenney! Well I decided to give it another shot since I had coupons, I mean how bad could it be right? Well it was even worse than my first experience. For one, the woman who did our shoot just doesn't have patience for children. Now tell me why in the world does she work at a portrait studio! Once again I felt as if I was being rushed through my shoot. So we ended up getting about 13 frames, but she said we had 30. Maybe hubby and I can't count, I guess we both were absent from elementary school during the counting lesson. This time I definitely learned my lesson. No more JCPenney portraits for me (I mean it this time), we are sticking with The Picture People!


Brenna said...

aw! the one in the middle is great! despite the sucky service, that one is a winner.

emk said...

Well, I think they're cute! Don't forget that Andrea's husband has a studio in their basement with white background-- he takes great pics!

melaniet42 said...

Great family portraits! Too bad about JC Penney...we'll make sure we don't go there either!